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Wicked 1
 So it's been like 9 months...nothing like an update to keep everyone who still reads live journal informed. 

February 2010, not much to report because I was working so much. I barely had anytime to hang out with friends or even celebrate Valentine's Day with my family.

March 2010, still working a lot at CVS...$$$! Took the Praxis II and missed both tests by 20 points each. Went Ice Skating again...fun times!

April 2010, I had a grand total of 5 days off...more overtime! I even worked on Easter, but got out early to spend the night with my family!

May 2010, I had another grand total of 5 days off! Went to a few birthday dinners! Signed the lease with Anthony for our very own apartment. And some how managed to celebrate Mother's Day! What an exciting month!

June 2010, I had 7 days off this month! Celebrated Father's Day and went to a drive-in movie at my mom's work. I also got to go bowling for Sara's B-Day!

July 2010, 9 days off this month...no more overtime :( too the stupid Praxis II again and missed both tests by 20 points each again. Ugh I am so ready to give up on this test :( Saw quite a few shows at Cockpit-in-Court and York Little Theatre, kind of made me miss performing a lot. :( On a good note Robby came home and I got to see him for the first time since November!

August 2010, 12 days off this month, 2 of which I got paid vacation time for :) I moved into my new apartment on August 20th! I got a brand new bed, which I love, but I think it needs a feather bed :/ I also got a lot of cool things from my parents for the new place and was all unpacked by the time I left for Florida. I drove to FL alone, for the first time, which was fun, but I think I should've waited until I was not so exhausted from work to leave. Got the beach just in time to see the sunrise and take a small nap before playing at the pool and having a great birthday dinner at the chart house! Then we headed to Disney the following day for a fun-filled birthday week with Kristen! 

September 2010, seems to be a pretty good month. We got back from FL on labor day! Got 3 days of paid vacation this month and have been living in my apartment for about a month now. I love my new place and my roomies! I especially love when someone comes and sleeps with me so I'm not alone in my bed :( Had an amazing night last night, maybe it will be repeated sometime soon :) I hope!

Hopefully, I'll update here more often, but since I gotta be at work in about 5 hours, I need to wake up in about 4 hours, I better get some sleep! Night everyone!
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