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Just a long overdue update...

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Just a long overdue update...

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So since I haven't posted in like 5 months almost 6 now let's see what's been going on...

I left off with GREASE opening and the run itself went well.

I graduated (finally) in May and had my graduation party in June, towards the end of the run, and my sisters came home from CA so they got to see me in GREASE yay! Got lot of fun presents.

Oh yeah when Jeanne went into the hospital I took over waiters assignments.

We're doing Mary Poppins for our kids show but then got reported so we changed to Secret Garden in April...that went well too.

Steak and Ale closed towards the end of July and I've been out of a job ever since.

Went to Virginia Beach for like a week at the end of August...that was so much fun...wish it had been a longer trip...exactly what I needed!

By the time we got back it was my birthday so we went to the Melting Pot...yummy...and now I'm working a few days at the theatre cuz I desperately need money and I'm waiting tables as much as I can just to pick up some cash to pay for my car, insurance, phone, and credit cards...ugh

Speaking of my phone that just started not working properly around mid-July and I just got it in June (I swith phone companies with Verizon now) and it's my touch screen that isn't working properly so I went to Verizon and asked them for help they told me it had water damage and I don't know how that happened...so I called the insurance company for my phone and they said no problem we'll send your new phone right out...well they sent it by DHL...I do not recommend DHL to anyone...by the way I still haven't gotten my phone yet heres the history:
9/5/08 - shipped to me
9/8/08 - delivery attempted, insufficient address
9/9/08 - I called and gave them my apartment number
9/10/08 - delivery attempted, no one home...however both me and my dad were home we heard nothing like a knock or doorbell and no note was left on the door.
9/11/08 - delivery attempted, no one home...however again my dad was home, heard nothing like a knock on the door or anything like that, but this time there was a not on the door saying to sign it and they'd leave it friday (the next day)
9/12/08 - nothing
9/15/08 - got an email today saying they'd be delivering it today by 5pm, however the tracking information says it was sent back to the sender...grrrrrrrrr...I'm so irritated almost ready to try to figure out how to switch back to Sprint...grrrrrrrrrr!
So I'm still waiting for my phone to arrive...

In other news I directed my fist adult show...JUKEBOX...the audiences LOVE it but ticket sales are going slow so please come see it...it's a really good show! The rehearsal period was though but we got through it and it turned into a beautiful show...the Lorenzo's LOVE it...Mary Ann saw it twice already...yay!

http://entertainment.webshots.com/album/567015410uRnMdW Jukebox Pictures

Auditions for SCROOGE tonight...I really need to do this show so I hope I get it...

Disney in like 23 days...yay I get to see Mickey that makes me happy!

I think thats about it nothing more to report leave me some nice comments while I wait PATIENTLY for my phone to come or not come as the case may be...ugh!
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