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September 25th, 2010


Les Mis
 So recently I think I've fallen in love again with the wrong guy! Why can't I seem to fall for a straight or at least unconfused guy for once. My problem is that I seriously think he likes me, but we are too close to try to date or anything! Thoughts are greatly appreciated!

September 16th, 2010


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 So it's been like 9 months...nothing like an update to keep everyone who still reads live journal informed. 

February 2010, not much to report because I was working so much. I barely had anytime to hang out with friends or even celebrate Valentine's Day with my family.

March 2010, still working a lot at CVS...$$$! Took the Praxis II and missed both tests by 20 points each. Went Ice Skating again...fun times!

April 2010, I had a grand total of 5 days off...more overtime! I even worked on Easter, but got out early to spend the night with my family!

May 2010, I had another grand total of 5 days off! Went to a few birthday dinners! Signed the lease with Anthony for our very own apartment. And some how managed to celebrate Mother's Day! What an exciting month!

June 2010, I had 7 days off this month! Celebrated Father's Day and went to a drive-in movie at my mom's work. I also got to go bowling for Sara's B-Day!

July 2010, 9 days off this month...no more overtime :( too the stupid Praxis II again and missed both tests by 20 points each again. Ugh I am so ready to give up on this test :( Saw quite a few shows at Cockpit-in-Court and York Little Theatre, kind of made me miss performing a lot. :( On a good note Robby came home and I got to see him for the first time since November!

August 2010, 12 days off this month, 2 of which I got paid vacation time for :) I moved into my new apartment on August 20th! I got a brand new bed, which I love, but I think it needs a feather bed :/ I also got a lot of cool things from my parents for the new place and was all unpacked by the time I left for Florida. I drove to FL alone, for the first time, which was fun, but I think I should've waited until I was not so exhausted from work to leave. Got the beach just in time to see the sunrise and take a small nap before playing at the pool and having a great birthday dinner at the chart house! Then we headed to Disney the following day for a fun-filled birthday week with Kristen! 

September 2010, seems to be a pretty good month. We got back from FL on labor day! Got 3 days of paid vacation this month and have been living in my apartment for about a month now. I love my new place and my roomies! I especially love when someone comes and sleeps with me so I'm not alone in my bed :( Had an amazing night last night, maybe it will be repeated sometime soon :) I hope!

Hopefully, I'll update here more often, but since I gotta be at work in about 5 hours, I need to wake up in about 4 hours, I better get some sleep! Night everyone!

January 19th, 2010

First entry of 2010

Wicked 1
I really hope that I will keep up this journal this year. 2009 was such a crazy year.

In January 2009, it was calm and slow, but I did get to see CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG at the Hippodrome!

In February 2009, I began directing FOOTLOOSE: the musical at Timonium Dinner Theatre. The show ran March 21 - June 14, 2009. We had a great run and I loved working with that cast. I made some great new friends, some who happen to change my life in so many ways.

In March 2009, we began rehearsals for BAREFOOT IN THE PARK at Timonium Dinner Theatre which I stage managed and ran lights and sound for. The cast was small, we all got along, the run was short, June 21 - August 30, 2009. I also met a great person who really and truly changed my life!

In April 2009, I was accepted to the University of Phoenix (Online Campus), I am current obtaining my Masters of the Arts in Secondary Teacher Education with a concentration in Mathematics. I also went on my first camping trip to Ramblin' Pines in Sykesville, fun trip!


In May 2009, Paint & Powder was a blast and I made some good money. However, on the last night of Paint & Powder my car was hit while parked on the parking lot. Since they did not leave a note it was recorded as a collision and I had to pay my $150 deductible for $1300 in damage. I also went to Burbon Street in the city for the first time! Saw RENT! at the Lincoln Theatre!


In June 2009, we closed FOOTLOOSE: the musical and opened BAREFOOT IN THE PARK. Auditioned for ALL SHOOK UP at Timonium Dinner Theatre. Saw Cockpit-in-Court's THE WIZARD OF OZ! We also re-opened the Children's Theatre with THE WIZARD OF OZ!


In July 2009, I had an awesome 4th of July weekend. Took my PRAXIS I test and saw Cockpit-in-Court's CRAZY FOR YOU and the mid-night showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Fun month!



In August 2009, we went to NYC for a day, what a fun trip! 


In September 2009, we went to Disney World for my birthday :) Then had an awesome trip to Ocean City for Labor Day weekend! Opened ALL SHOOK UP! I also got a kitten named Kelley at 4 months old. Also straightened my hair for the first time!


In October 2009, I got hired at CVS/Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Technician! The month was full of fun Halloween activities including going to The Bates Motel in PA, my first haunted attraction and I survived it! Went to an awesome Halloween Party! Spent Halloween with some of the best people and watched scary movies!

In November 2009, I began my Pharmacy training, saw the mid-night showing of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, went to Franklin Square's Tree Lighting Ceremony, then drove, by myself, to Williamsburg for Thanksgiving/Christmas celebrating! And we closed ALL SHOOK UP! I won at Disney Scene-It!


In December 2009, I began working in my home store, still training in the Pharmacy. I went to my first concert, David Archuleta, and saw Tidewater Player's version on RENT! Had a fun Christmas, but it was not the same without my sisters from CA there, even though I just saw them for Thanksgiving. I filled in a few times for MIRACLE ON 34th STREET and had an awesome New Year's Eve with some awesome people, and I won at Disney Monopoly!



In January 2010, I began the year with some of the best people at IHOP and hung out for the rest of the day. Went to an awesome birthday party at IceWorld and had a pretty eventful night. Took Anthony to TU CARES orientation and I realized how much I miss TU. I also learned how to play game cube and I love playing Mario Party.  I applied for my very own health, dental, and vision insurance through CVS/Caremark!

For the remainder of 2010, I will be taking the PRAXIS II on March 13, 2010! Hopefully I will be student teaching by September 2010 for approximately 12 weeks and certified to be hired for a teaching position by Fall 2011 and applying for my Masters in Applied Mathematics. Eventually I would like to teach at Towson University or another University or College. I will also probably spend some time venturing about TU's campus. Going on a trip to Ocean City in July because we had such a great time last year, and going to Disney World with my family in August! I will also become a Maryland state certified Pharmacy Technician and eventually a nationally certified Pharmacy Technician.

So far 2010 is shaping up to be a good year. I can't wait to see what else it has in-store for me! Hopefully something will happen that will change my life completely! :)



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April 20th, 2009

Life...in general

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Well it's been one of those weeks and I just feel like i need to write in here...

I also feel like i don't write in here nearly enough anymore...

FOOTLOOSE is going well...we had an awesome weekend!

OZ is getting itself together we have had some issues this week and now i think all the issues are worked out!

I went camping for the first time like 2 weeks ago...it was fun and with some of the best people in the world!

Also went to Ice World that week...interesting...lol...

Been a hectic week...for some reason my parents are all mad at me...ugh...i wanna move out!

Other than that...nothing new going on...

April 1st, 2009


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So I suck at keeping this updated...

SCROOGE came and went...

FOOTLOOSE started rehearsals in February we opened 2 weeks ago (3/21/2009) and its going well...there was some drama and now I'm in the show as Wendy Jo so come see it!

I'm loving life now...possible new love interest we'll see how that goes...thinking about being a teacher...thinking about getting an apartment...

Making great new friends and hanging out with them!

thats about all...I didn't wanna make it too long...I'll come back in like 4 months!

September 17th, 2008

my phone

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MY PHONE FINALLY CAME...programing it now...fun times!!!!!!

Oh and I got in Scrooge...I'm excited...yay!!!!

And Toby and Kristin found some neat lights for the theatre...just wish we could install them now but we need bulbs first...sigh :(

Still looking for a job...but working at TDT in the mean time.

September 15th, 2008

So since I haven't posted in like 5 months almost 6 now let's see what's been going on...

I left off with GREASE opening and the run itself went well.

I graduated (finally) in May and had my graduation party in June, towards the end of the run, and my sisters came home from CA so they got to see me in GREASE yay! Got lot of fun presents.

Oh yeah when Jeanne went into the hospital I took over waiters assignments.

We're doing Mary Poppins for our kids show but then got reported so we changed to Secret Garden in April...that went well too.

Steak and Ale closed towards the end of July and I've been out of a job ever since.

Went to Virginia Beach for like a week at the end of August...that was so much fun...wish it had been a longer trip...exactly what I needed!

By the time we got back it was my birthday so we went to the Melting Pot...yummy...and now I'm working a few days at the theatre cuz I desperately need money and I'm waiting tables as much as I can just to pick up some cash to pay for my car, insurance, phone, and credit cards...ugh

Speaking of my phone that just started not working properly around mid-July and I just got it in June (I swith phone companies with Verizon now) and it's my touch screen that isn't working properly so I went to Verizon and asked them for help they told me it had water damage and I don't know how that happened...so I called the insurance company for my phone and they said no problem we'll send your new phone right out...well they sent it by DHL...I do not recommend DHL to anyone...by the way I still haven't gotten my phone yet heres the history:
9/5/08 - shipped to me
9/8/08 - delivery attempted, insufficient address
9/9/08 - I called and gave them my apartment number
9/10/08 - delivery attempted, no one home...however both me and my dad were home we heard nothing like a knock or doorbell and no note was left on the door.
9/11/08 - delivery attempted, no one home...however again my dad was home, heard nothing like a knock on the door or anything like that, but this time there was a not on the door saying to sign it and they'd leave it friday (the next day)
9/12/08 - nothing
9/15/08 - got an email today saying they'd be delivering it today by 5pm, however the tracking information says it was sent back to the sender...grrrrrrrrr...I'm so irritated almost ready to try to figure out how to switch back to Sprint...grrrrrrrrrr!
So I'm still waiting for my phone to arrive...

In other news I directed my fist adult show...JUKEBOX...the audiences LOVE it but ticket sales are going slow so please come see it...it's a really good show! The rehearsal period was though but we got through it and it turned into a beautiful show...the Lorenzo's LOVE it...Mary Ann saw it twice already...yay!

http://entertainment.webshots.com/album/567015410uRnMdW Jukebox Pictures

Auditions for SCROOGE tonight...I really need to do this show so I hope I get it...

Disney in like 23 days...yay I get to see Mickey that makes me happy!

I think thats about it nothing more to report leave me some nice comments while I wait PATIENTLY for my phone to come or not come as the case may be...ugh!

March 31st, 2008

Wow busy busy busy...

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It's been a while...

So this has been a good year so far getting a new car back in February...fun times...its hard to believe it's almost 3 months old already...

Anyways...spring break is over which is sad and back to school and hard work to graduate by May (which definitely is going to happen)

Grease opened...it went well...we had some great audiences...and took pictures and had lots of fun its going to be a fun run and it will be sad when it ends...we have way too much fun...

Some pics from the show:

February 9th, 2008


Wicked 1
So as of today I officially own a 2008 Toyota Corolla...so excited...

February 7th, 2008


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